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Adding a New Perspective

Relationship Check-Up

Whether you are just starting out as a couple or have been together many years, now may be the right time to explore your relationship from a new perspective. If you are seeking insight on stuck conflict areas, if you want to know your strengths and growth areas so that you can build more consciously the type of relationship you want, the Relationship Check-Up may be just what you need. 

The Prepare-Enrich Relationship Check-Up is an insight-focused approach to getting to know the landscape of your relationship. It is based in the Prepare-Enrich program for couples, and it involves a 2 step process to increasing a basic understanding of, and in, your relationship. In Step 1 both you and your partner separately complete an online questionnaire providing information on your self and your relationship. In Step 2, you meet together with me for 4 feedback sessions, where we review the results of the couple inventory, with discussions and tasks uniquely tailored to your relationship.

The main areas covered in the 4 feedback sessions include: strength and growth areas, communication skills, managing major stressors, resolving conflicts, couple and family maps, personality differences and team work. Some couples request additional sessions when seeking feedback on specific issues touched on in the inventory such as financial management and relationship roles, sex, affection and leisure activities, or children, parenting and spiritual beliefs.

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