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Services for Couples

Helping your Relationship


Premarital Counselling

When you want to be prepared...

You have found the love of your life.  And you want to have the best possible start as you build your life together. Premarital Counselling offers a a map to the landscape of your relationship, a way to get to know your your relationship strengths and potential challenges so that you can start out on solid ground.  You know that making a relationship last takes work and commitment.  Premarital Counselling prepares you to handle future challenges together.

explore relationship

Relationship Check-Up

When you want another perspective...

You want to a more solid sense of your relationship: where you come from, what you each bring to it, where you can improve.  You know there are things to learn that could make it better but you aren't sure where to start.  The Relationship Check-Up provides an opportunity to get to know the landscape of your relationship.  New insights can help you get clearer on your strengths and stuck places so you can work more like the team that you want to be.

deep connection

Couples Therapy

When you are ready for deep change...

When you want to find a better way of being together.  Either the conflict or distance has become too painful, you want to find the spark you once had, or you want to discover something new that you haven't had before, couples therapy can help.  Deepening the quality of connection, building a supportive relationship and growing as individuals and a couple are at the core of couples therapy with me.

should I stay or should I go

Discernment Counselling

When you are not sure if you should be together...

When one person is "leaning out" of the relationship, and skeptical that couples therapy can help, and the other is "leaning in" and interested in rebuilding the relationship, discernment counselling can help increase clarity and confidence in a decision.  Whether you decide to work things through together or apart, you will take with you a better understanding of your self and your way of being in relationship.

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