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Change for the Better

Family Therapy

Creating the connection and the supportive relationships you long for, building understanding, growing as a person and a family are at the core of family therapy with me.  My approach to family therapy is grounded in the non-pathologizing perspective of systems theory, with its focus on how  we relate.  Using a systems theory lens, I help families become more conscious of their patterns of relating which are getting in the way of connection, and build healthier ways of being together.  This relational work can be the focus of initial change, or it can be an extension of couples or individual therapy, by expanding, integrating and consolidating change and possibility into other important relationships.

While I work with a variety of therapy models according to client needs, preferences and presenting concerns, I tend to draw from the Satir Model with older families and Attachment Focused Family Therapy with families with young children.  I am a certified Circle of Security Parent Facilitator, and this model also guides my approach with families with young children.  I have experience with, and understanding of, the uniquely complex and complicated dynamics of post-divorce, step, and blended families.

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