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Individual Therapy

We are born in relationship, we live in relationship and we heal in relationship


Seeking Support

You may find that you need support to get through a change or transition, a difficult or demanding time in your life, or grief and loss.  It may be that a life event has knocked you off your feet and you can't find the ground underneath you.  You know you need to do something different to get through.  Death, divorce, stress, and transitions are a few of the life experiences through which it can help to have some extra support.  I offer a safe, compassionate space to help you through this time.  I believe in honouring the feelings that come up, and in the healing value of making space for these feelings, and connecting with them, in a trusting and nonjudgemental relationship.  I believe in the transformative value of holding and being with your experience, and in the growth of new possibilities that can come from taking the time and making the space to connect within as you move through this challenging time.

Thinking about Change

Seeking Change

Sometimes you know that something needs to change, that something isn't working, but you are not sure what.  Sometimes you know what needs to change but you don't know how to effectively get there.  If you are ready to make changes in your life, I can support this process.  If need be, I will help you to get clear regarding your personal goals.  When you know what you want to change, I can pull from a variety of therapy models that best suit what you hope to achieve.  It may help to be prepared in knowing that the changes you make as an individual may likely meet with some form of resistance from your closest relationships.  Change does not happen in a vacuum; individual change will impact relationships.  I have experience working with systems in change, be they internal systems (within the individual) , couples systems or family systems, and I bring this awareness to my work with individuals.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be   ~  Albert Einstein

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