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couple ready for change

Changing Together

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, I help you build a strong, supportive, partnership. I work with you to cultivate new experiences of deepened connection. In so doing, I help you find, and build, a place where you can grow in connection and intimacy, challenge each other as individuals, and find sustenance. Through the course of this work, you will come to know your self, your partner, and your relationship in a new way. As you do, you will find that your personal growth and change will ripple through to other relationships in your life. 

Highly motivated couples, who are ready for the challenge of making these changes together, will find couples therapy rewarding and life-enriching. Couples who seek a deeply intimate relationship, who want to learn about themselves and grow in personal consciousness, choice and possibility will find with me a rich and supportive collaboration on this most personal journey.

Are you feeling alone in your relationship?  

Most couples seek therapy when they are feeling painfully disconnected from their partner. There are many reasons for this disconnection:

  • communication difficulties - no matter how hard, and how many different ways you try, you cannot feel heard

  • feeling unimportant - you do not feel like your partner, or your relationship is a priority

  • feeling stuck - you have become stuck in rigid roles and behaviours which have taken over the place where there once was connection

  • emotional injury - an event or events have come between you, and you can't find your way back to connection

  • lack of intimacy - an absence of the depth of connection that comes with physical, sexual or emotional intimacy


I can help you come home to each other.

If you and your partner are wanting, or needing, more from your relationship. If you are struggling to find the spark you once had. If stress, conflict, or emotional injury has increased the distance between you so you can't find each other anymore, or you only find what is negative. If you are feeling helpless and hopeless and yet you don't want to give up - I can help.

In couples therapy, I will create a safe space where you can increase your understanding of your relationship, and of yourself within your relationship. I use a combination of techniques to deepen experience, awareness and understanding and foster possibilities for a new way of being together. I pull from multiple models as I help you do this inner work.  I have training in the following Couples Therapy approaches: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy,  Relational Life Therapy, and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. I also pull from other individual and family therapy models I have trained in as appropriate, including Internal Family Systems and Satir Family Therapy. I work collaboratively with you to ensure that the approach I use fits best with your needs.


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