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Premarital Counselling

Helping Couples Prepare for a Lifetime of Love

Premarital Counselling is an excellent way to get to know the landscape of your relationship.  Having a map of where you are starting from, including both strengths and potential road blocks, will help you put your best foot forward as you set forth on your journey together.  Premarital Counselling will increase your shared awareness of what you each bring to the relationship, how these aspects work together, and resources to pull from when you run into future challenges.

I am a certified facilitator of the Prepare-Enrich Program, which I follow in providing Premarital Counselling. The process begins with each person filling out the Prepare-Enrich online questionnaire (approximately 1 hr each).  Once completed, I meet with you together to provide feedback from the questionnaires. In session, you will receive a report, workbook and homework tasks tailored uniquely to your relationship. It takes 4 session to cover the basic goals of Premarital Counselling, and up to 4 more to review other topics as requested. Topics covered in the initial 4 sessions include: strengths and growth areas, communication skills, major stressors, resolving conflicts, Couple and Family Maps, personality differences and teamwork. There is also a section on step-families, as appropriate.

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